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   新落成的西北某石油大学小剧场校园音响系统主要用于学校举行理论学科课堂及举行其他文娱活动等。为了满足该学院的使用需求,经过声学建模,角度测试,在学校预算之内,我们最终为小剧场配备了源自美国JBL PRX800W智能有源扬声器系统。



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Campus Audio System of a Petroleum University in Northern Xibei

The newly completed acoustical system of a small theater campus of a petroleum university in northern Shaanxi is mainly used for holding theoretical classes and other recreational activities. In order to meet the needs of the college, through acoustic modeling, angle testing, within the school budget, we finally equipped the small theater with JBL PRX800W intelligent active speaker system from the United States.

Four 15-inch full-frequency PRX815W walls are hung on the left and right sides of the main stage LED screen to cover the main theatre area. The other two 12-inch full-frequency PRX812W were placed on the stage for stage return.

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