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Analysis of Design of Gangchen International Hotel in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi [Auditorium Audio]



Guangyuan New Rail Hotel in Sichuan is located near the mountains and rivers, shaded by green trees, with a garden style of more than 60,000 square meters and European architecture as the main style, charming scenery. The large area of forest vegetation in the scenic area makes the resort a natural forest oxygen bar. The high-quality air and high negative oxygen ion content is up to 3850 per square meter. It has a unique geographical environment. At present, it has more than 80,000 square meters of European-style ecological garden buildings.


Project decomposition: Guangyuan New Rail Hotel is an important entertainment project of New Rail Hotel. Ring-shaped construction design, the stage is set in the center of the main body. The performances involve a variety of musical styles, such as slow rocking, jazz, hip-hop, folk songs, electronics, etc. Xintie Hotel aims to create an extraordinary sound, photoelectric dance effect of the first-class bar in China.


Based on this, Xinlu Audio Technology Team for this project, in-depth analysis, that there are now several problems that must be solved. How to solve the interference of sound field caused by the complexity of site buildings? In order to achieve sound field uniformity?


Scheme design: The uniformity of sound field is an important index for evaluating sound field design. The uniformity index of sound field requires that the deviation of the flat sound pressure value should be controlled within a certain range in the whole sound reinforcement system area. Otherwise, it will result in high sound pressure in some places, low sound pressure in some places, and bad hearing.

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